Scarlet Classic V-Quick Tournament Coverage

I recently had the chance to go to Rutger’s major: The Scarlet Classic V. I made a short video about it, that you can see here.

Advanced Fundamentals: Footsies/Neutral

If you have a concrete understanding of normals, it’s time to learn about one of the more advanced and overarching concepts in just about every fighting game (albeit in many different forms). This is the neutral, more commonly, and aptly called “footsies”.

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The Absolute Basics #1: Movement and Normals

Welcome I still don’t know what to call you guys readers, to the first of many beginner tutorials on fundamental concepts in Fighting Games!

As someone who’s been actively learning different fighting games for the last 3 years, I’m well aware that performing stuff like this can look EXTREMELY daunting to a beginner.

If you’ve played any fighting game before it probably felt incredibly clunky and limiting at first. The natural response of course is to just mash buttons and hope for the best (which more often than not leads to a quick defeat). “How on earth can people string all these hits together in such a short amount of time? Why do none of my moves ever hit when/where I want them to? How can I start learning to chain moves together?” these are all thought processes that a beginner will go through.

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Fighting Games, Where Do I Start?

So, you watched EVO on a whim, or stumbled upon a local tournament and decided “Wow! Playing in a tournament sounds cool!” or even just “Woah, playing this looks really fun!”. Awesome! With all the games out there to play, however, you’re probably wondering what to start with. Today, I’ll be going over what games are beginner friendly  in terms of the kind of experience you want to have (At least in 2019). If you’re a little overwhelmed by this list, I’d just say to start with what looks and feels FUN to YOU.

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Welcome to “Red Parry!!!”

Hello, and welcome to “Red Parry!!!”(yes with 3 exclamation points). If you’re here you hopefully have at one point or another had a passing interest in fighting games, perhaps you’re already a veteran in your respective game but you’ve come to learn about others. Or, you’re like I was a while ago and simply want to learn to be a match for your friends. All of these are great reasons to learn more about the genre, and that’s what I’m here to help you do.

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